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ForwardX CX-1 Robotics Suitcase

2019-03-18 13:47:21
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CES 2018 showcased a notable tech the first smart suitcase custom built to follow the owner. Recently unveiled ForwardX CX-1now called as Ovis is an autonomous piece of luggage designed to follow you around as you make your way from point A to B, and everywhere in between. Smart Technology isn’t it! This autonomous suitcase has been commercially launched in Indiegogo (international crowd-funding website to buy unique products), with early bird pricing beginning at $399.  The robotic suitcase has been implanted with a pair of eyes and brain and represents a meeting between a wheeled gadget and computer vision, armed with the intelligence and cognition to tackle complex problems like predicting the user’s path while avoiding obstacles.

Indeed, the Ovis has been branded as the world’s first self-driving carry-on robot featuring an array of advanced tech, including a 170-degree wide-angle lens that hosts a built-in facial recognition software, allowing the device to follow the user at up to 7 miles per hour. Other exciting features that include obstacle avoidance work in tandem with the suitcase’s tracking algorithm. Ovis comes with a smart wristband that works to keep thieves at bay, if the suitcase wanders out of range, the smart wristband bracelet will let the users know for an easy tracking.